Can I Just Have Turkey?

on Monday, March 7, 2011

Why is it that all products made from turkey to seem unlike turkey taste a bit like XXX hung in front of a diesel exhaust for a few minutes?

Also, how is it even vaguely possible that the "turkey ham" at our grocery store is less than half the price of just plain old turkey? Is the "natural" option that much more difficult to manage? That being said, given expenses around the homestead, I've bought the turkey ham. I'm learning to appreciate it not as ham in any way, but as some other pink "meat" to put on sandwiches.

This post is merely "cheap." Nothing else to see here.

Also, do the veggie people who make fake chicken/burgers etcetera go to the same industry conferences as the turkey alchemists, or do they not get along? You'd think they would have a lot to talk about.


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