Discomfort Food

on Friday, April 10, 2009

So hey!

What have you (entirely hypothetical) folks been up to?



I've been struck with Chilean Hopping Death Plague.

That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about ways to make simple delicious fare for yourself and your loved ones...

So in that light, I've discovered a really great trick:

Take some of these (apparently they're called "bouillon cubes")

I don't know where to recommend looking for them, I have had some luck finding them at my local green grocer's.

There are versions available that are based on the essence of seafood, of beef, and even of vegetables, but I've stayed here with the traditional chicken... it has that certain something.

Measure out a portion, prepare precisely two cups of water, in a pot, with the "bouillon cube", and bring to a boil.

Be absolutely certain that it has fully incorporated, you may want to whisk it in one small piece at a time to be certain that you the soup doesn't break... once complete, simply serve in a bowl!

Best enjoyed while sweating under a blanket, watching infomercials while you are in too much pain to find the remote and look through your tivo list.


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