Broadly Regarding the Recent Talk of Mussels

on Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a quick thought in retrospect, regarding the mussel recipe: it's got a fundamental factor that I find really relevant to broader thoughts about cooking... aioli.

This falls into an area that I've found intriguing about "Simply Ming", the televised cooking of Ming Tsai.  Each episode (of the few that I've seen) introduce elements that can be used in a myriad of ways, and an assortment of techniques and backdrops are used with said element.  So, in that light, a tag for "element" will be added for anything of that kind going forward.

Aioli is an element that can be used and explored with different ingredients, whether green herbs, or curry or anything that can strike your fancy.  Vinaigrettes, beurre blanc, mirepoix, and other preparations fall into this same category.  Whether it's a blend of herbs/spices, or a technique, these elements add the capacity to take methodologies and expand them to work on your own voice and your own set of flavors.

And yes, I did get that pompous about a blend of mayo and other crap.  The swollen head is hard to avoid.


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